A regular client of ours has been saying a lot of great things about the Performix SST so we decided to feature a short article about the weight loss product.

Performix SST is a fat burner that has grown in popularity at a fast rate and sells mostly through GNC. It’s not difficult to believe this is a great supplement, many have even gotten a good word from a representative of GNC, normally they’ll say all sorts to close a sale.

Performix is a fairly new supplement brand with a few years of practice to boot, however, in these couple of years they have swiftly earned respect and attention. They’re known for making some of the best-looking packages as regards their supplements, the reason why there is a significant increase in sales.

Performix employs a lot of GNC representatives as well as stylish packaging to convince customers into buying their supplements.

The appearance and idea behind their supplement are initially impressive, however, we saw complaints stating that Performix supplements are too strong with some users revealing that they felt like visiting the hospital.

The manufacturers stated that Performix SST will boost energy with the body shedding more calories as a result of the extra energy expenditure. This effect is due to a variety of stimulants, however, they can negatively affect some users, which is why they felt like visiting the hospital. Therefore this GNC fat burner will burn fat due to its effectiveness, however, if you react to stimulants or caffeine, stay away from it.

Take note of the following Pros and Cons;


  • Every pill has a Terra smart release system
  • The formula has potent stimulants with proven effectiveness
  • The pill and powder form both have a 30 day supply


  • This GNC fat burner retails mainly at GNC except you buy it online
  • The formula has stimulants and caffeine that could affect some of the users negatively
  • It’s a bit expensive if you buy it for the usual retail price of $99.99

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