Looking for gifts that are classy, yet unique? Gifts Less Ordinary in Australia giftslessordinary.com/au, is your one-stop marketplace focusing on personalised gifts (think anniversary gifts, jewelry, keepsake boxes, and teddy bears) that are ideal for memorable events such as a baby shower. Each item in their collection has been handpicked with love and care to ensure that you can always give, love, and share less ordinary gifts.

If you’re preparing for or organizing a baby shower, you would be on the lookout for the perfect baby shower gifts and decorations that the mum to be would like. Picking the right gift can be a chore because you want to be careful and you really want to get it right. This is where Gifts Less Ordinary comes in as the retailer of customized gifts for your baby shower favors. Here are some gift ideas for a baby shower;

  1. Fly Babee: This is a favourite baby shower gift for a lot of people. Not only because it was actually conceived on the Northen Beaches close to Sydney, but because it was designed to make travelling with a baby stress-free.
  2. A Baby Bean Bag: This is baby’s first item of furniture. The bean bag teaches the baby how to chill instead of staying back at home and getting stressed. A key advantage is that it’s portable, can be cleaned easily, and it’s one of a couple of things the baby does not instantly grow out of.
  3. Feeding Pillow: Every nursing mum needs a comfortable place to feed while breastfeeding. In addition to being created to support the correct nursing posture, most feeding pillows are also useful for other purposes, such as providing the nursing mum a place to relax her arms when nursing which helps her to sit up straight thereby reducing the strain on the shoulders, neck, and back, or sleep support in the later phases of pregnancy.

So, whenever you need to buy baby shower gifts, head to Gifts Less Ordinary giftslessordinary.com/au.

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